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Archive for the ‘Real Military Wives TV’ Category

Video: Flying Business Class Internationally

Some of you know that I got bumped from some flights in the past week….twice actually.  I made a trip back stateside for our Belgian Fall holiday.  I thought it would be a quiet time and not many people going stateside…I was wrong!  After the stress of my mistake, I did end up having a [...]

Q&A with Life Lessons of a Military Wife

Living overseas, there are some things we used to take for granted.  Here are some recent questions or wouldn’t-you-like-to-know (that is if you don’t already).

Random Travel Tips from LLMilitaryWife

Just in case you didn’t catch me over on, I just recently put some clips together of some random European travel tips.  Be sure to check them out.  I’ve also decided to start up a Q&A podcast of emails and questions you send my way.  Sometimes, it is just easier to talk my way [...]

Video: A Visit to Bavaria, Germany

I was recently running around in Bavaria….Oberammergau and Garmisch area in Germany.  As usual, I’m all over the place throwing out tips and advice….take it or leave it! 

Updated: Visiting Bruges, Belgium

I thought I would share a few tips about visiting Bruges, Belgium, one of the top tourist highlights in Belgium.  Even people outside of Belgium have heard of this beautiful almost untouched Flemish city.  Okay, so wait, in Dutch/Flemish your going to call it Brugge.  Yeah, simple right…the French say it one way, the Flemish [...]

Video: Vent day in Europe

Well, I finally went and did it…I vented.  I vented about not being home, in the US of A.  Sure, it’s great being over here.  But sometimes, things just get to you and with a slew of late night cookies to make, this is what I had to say.

Video: Being a military girlfriend (or even boyfriend)

It seems that when I wrote about being a military girlfriend, it moved up towards the top of the reading list on this blog (see bottom right of the homepage).  I must’ve hit a nerve…either that or there isn’t a lot out there on being a military girlfriend.  I’m going to go over some things [...]

Video: Navigating a Volksmarch (what is it and how do I do one?)

I think my husband holds the record for the most volksmarches in our family…he’s done hundreds of events and well over 2,000 kilometers…and that’s being conservative.  So what is this volksmarch?  And why can it be so important to you?

Memorial Day in Flanders Field

I will make this short and sweet today and want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!  We took the time to honor our fallen at Flanders Field American Military Cemetery in Belgium.  I had never attended a Memorial Day remembrance at any military cemetery, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Feeling the History in Bastogne, Belgium

This post is in honor and remembrance of the fallen.  Please take the time to check out commemorative events in your area to pay your respects and give thanks! The birds were singing beautifully, and they knew it.  As we observed a moment of silence for the fallen men of the 17th Airborne in WWII, [...]

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