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Weekend Blog Round-up #5

There’s nothing like having friends over…and I’m not talking dinner party caliber dinner but just a nice and fun dinner…hey it was taco night….especially for the kids.  We hesitate so often about having people over.  We usually are too busy during the week to plan anything or we travel or we have some excuse, mostly that the house has not been deep cleaned.  But you know what?  If you have many weekends like that, you are missing out.  You are missing out on those treasured friendships and just being with people you like being with.  With that being said, I hope you make an effort or rather, just decide…that it’s okay that your house is not perfect….just invite them over already!  And while I was mulling it over this week, here are some great blogposts that put me in a good mood.

Smores Roll-Ups – Yeah, I know this one was from last week but honestly, anything with marshmallows and chocolate in it deserves to move to the front of the line.  I haven’t had a chance to make them just yet, but they look VERY easy to make and like I said…they’re SMORES.  Smore for me and smore for you!

Your PCS Inheritance (or Loss) – Okay, this is also from last week…this is one I just plain forgot.  I had to laugh.  We all have visions of our PCS storage shipment neatly stacked in a state-of-the art facility under double lock and key with bright lighting and temperature controls like they have at the museum.  The reality is that our stuff is just roped off from the next person’s in a rat infested warehouse with no AC or heat and Bubba the gardner “borrowing” our lawnmower whenever the grass gets a wee bit high.  You think that’s not true?  Ask my friend who had her lawnmower and weedwhacker missing from her last shipment.  Or what about my other friend’s loveseat?  Guess they needed something to sit on in the break room. Here’s a common sense tip…PLEASE don’t put things in that shipment that can get damaged by a hot/cold environment and PLEASE don’t put any heirlooms or God forbid photo albums in there either.  I would even hesitate to put a washing machine in there (as they are pretty much useless overseas with the 220 volt environment, read more here).  Just plain jungle rot and mustiness is the order of the day here.

Feel a bit depreciated about your broken stuff? – I did this once.  I just plain gave up.  I was in a foreign country and had to find some random person to tell me what it would cost to fix my junk.  It didn’t matter that I had a receipt for how much the thing cost or a photo of what it looked like before it was moved.  I had to take it upon myself to try to figure out how to get it fixed and oh by the way, no, we have no one on our list of recommended “fixers” who can fix that thing.  Hate to admit it…I still have it…it’s still broken after five years, and it is a reminder for me to do better…sigh.  You are not alone when staring at your broken stuff and faced with the uphill climb of filing a claim.

Top 5 hostel chains in Europe – Crap, now everyone else will be onto our game won’t they?  Forget hotels!  I stay at hostels more than I do at hotels and B&Bs.  With that being said, I am picky.  I want a clean place where I don’t have to pay extra to rent some sheets.  I also want my own bathroom.  Even though many of these hotels cater to people who don’t need these things, many times they will accomodate us picky people too with private rooms and other neat offerings.  So before booking that expensive hotel, check out Hostelworld where I find many of my own deals!

Classic Apple Pie with no fail crust – Finally…someone is going to teach me how to do it right.  My crust, when I finally break down and make it myself is always too dry or just plain tasteless.  I have high hopes for this recipe here!  Let me know if anyone tries it before me!

Styliste fait maison – Ohhhhh, this is something I always wanted to do!  Granted, you need friends that are around your size to get anywhere with this…but what FUN!  Not only do you get some cool new outfits in the process, but it gives you yet another chance to party with your friends doing something fun.  At the very least, you can laugh each other silly by looking at each other in these get-ups!  A friend did something similar with jewelry….how fun is that?

Classzone – Okay this is not a blog, I realize that.  It is the link to my son’s textbooks.  He is taking French.  I see his textbook is on here…and you can do flashcards and other cool things.  Neat.  I am trying to learn with him believe it or not.  If you are looking to learn a language, check it out for yourself.

And that’s about it!  I’m off to our yearly version of Oktoberfest right here in Belgium on our NATO base.  They truck the stuff in from Germany even to include the oompah band!  Do you have any interesting blogposts to add?

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