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Weekend Blog Round-up #6

As I sit here quietly waiting for my husband to start the Cologne Marathon, I thought I would share a few blogposts that kept me busy this week.  As always, it’s quality and not quantity!

Junk Mail Woes – Here’s a little bit of a twist on that crap junkmail you get thru your snail mail.  What do you think of this?  And what do you do about it?

The Sandwich Queen – This just made me absolutely happy.  Way to go!  This would really float my boat too…especially hard for those of us who have had high powered careers and are now moms full-time or maybe we gave up our career to take a series of jobs to follow our military spouses…who knows…what are you the queen of?

Covering dishes in the oven – Finally someone else who has hit that “oh duh” moment?  Really?  I don’t use tinfoil either.  It took me a while to reach this point, but I’m glad I am not the only one who has come to this conclusion.

How to look like a local – Funny…don’t we Americans always seem to stand about abroad?  Being in Italy is no exception.  In fact, I have been taking photos this past week of my favorite tourist fashions, and I am almost 100% certain I can pick out all the Americans in my photos.  Am I saying I’m not one of them?  No, today I am wearing a tennis skirt with a pair of white socks and tennis shoes.  Am I playing tennis?  No…Running?  No…although in case I have to run after my husband to get that photo…that was the main motivation for my outfit…but thinking of some of the get-ups I saw yesterday around the foot of the Cathedral in Cologne and down the pedestrian shopping zone, I am unsure what constitutes fashion…or not.  Read the blogpost and see if you can blend in or not over here.

Well, let me get going…I’m thinking the Kenyans are just around the corner…want to try to get some photos of them as they run by.  My instant click and shoot may not be fast enough…they run nothing like they do on TV (the frontrunners), they honestly look like they are sprinting by at full speed, and I sometimes wonder if it must have something to do with genetics, cause the average person surely cannot have a stride the length of a car like these guys do….

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