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Weekend Blog Round-up #7

Loving the Fall colors trying to make an appearance

Wow, the blogposts just piled up.  There were some really great ones out there this week…and again, it looks like I missed a few last week.  I’m including those too.  I learned a lot from my fellow bloggers and would like to say thanks!  If you have the time, please head over and pay them a visit, okay?

My Home Screen – OK, so this is not a blog.  I realize that.  I’ve blogged before how important it is to have some kind of record of your junk before you move.  Since I have an iphone I thought…wow, this one is cool.  Now I must say I haven’t tried it out yet, just looking, but I like that it exports into a PDF file.  I plan on giving it a try.  It may be something worthwhile.

Ooops – Guess this happens to all of us.  I went through a funk like this recently.  I’m not sure what started it or why, but there I was.  Just know that it’s okay.  Life will have its ups and downs….it is impossible to stay on a high…or low for that matter…it’s just a matter of cycles.  Know that it happens and that you will get out of it.  Get help from someone or something you trust, and the up will go faster.

Those Efficient Germans? – I had to laugh…and then laugh again.  This stuff is universal and as Americans at least, we honestly say huh? cause it just makes no sense…even in orderly Germany!

What to expect on a city night line train – This sure brings back memories.  There used to be so many more overnight trains, with or without berths all throughout Europe.  Now with all the flight choices, cheap budget airlines and superfast bullet trains, you see less and less of them.  I like to still travel them IF I have the time.  There is just something about rail travel that can be so…intoxicating.  If you ever wondered what it was like or what the different choices are, be sure to read on.

Stop Wasting Money – Oh I am SO going to try this!  I have a bin full of essential oils I never fully realized the potential of.  I bought them when I was on my natural pregnancy kick and started reading about the short path from your nose to your brain.  I was experimenting with all kinds of smells.  Anyway, I always hated buying those plug-in smell things from Glade and Air Wick…and doesn’t Yankee Candle have some too?  They are just so expensive, but now that I read this blogpost on how to make the things myself, I think I am going to try it!

Google’s On the Fly Airfare Search – Yet another way to search those airfares and set up alerts.  Since Google seems to roll out interesting things, I bookmarked the tool and will try it next time I’m in the market for buying a plane ticket.

Ferry to England – It’s been years since I’ve been on a ferry crossing….last time for me was Sweden.  Here’s an account taking the ferry with your car into England.  Tips and things to think about are included.  I’ve found that many hotels near either port city also offer discount tickets.  Be sure to look for those or also see if you can find discounts online.  There may be a way to get a coupon code or other discount.  Don’t forget to check with your insurance company either.  Many European ones or “break down assistance plans” (like ADAC or AAA) may also have discounts.

While they are at basic training – I’ve gotten email from new military wives or soon-to-be, and I don’t want to forget what is important when you are just starting out.  See what to expect when your spouse ships off to training.  Thanks Cat for posting about your experience with your new adventure!

The not-so-hot list with alternatives (Paris) – You know how your guidebooks and some of these websites tell you to go here or there..and pretty soon, all us tourists are either here or there and not really seeing anything cause it’s not what it used to be or is so crowded the appeal is certainly not what it was either.  Read this post to see some alternatives and alternative ways to get to the must-sees.

Control your blogging time – Oh, this is SO ME!  I go through cycles with my blogging.  Sometimes I work like crazy and then coming home from work to a dirty house, having to make a quick dinner cause I either forgot or didn’t plan anything or maybe helping the kids with a project or homework, I don’t really want to blog.  I would like to just sit and do nothing…stare at the wall really would suit me just fine.  But, I feel that with my blog readership, I don’t want to let anyone down.  Plus, I LOVE to write and after I write something…anything…even if it’s something as silly as taking about the shelf in a German toilet, I feel so much better!  Do you struggle with how much time to spend blogging or even being on the computer doing whatever you like to do on there?

Skull Cupcakes – Just in time for Halloween!  Now I know what I’m making for that party!

15 Things to do for Free in Amsterdam – Ah someone after my own heart!  Free is good.  I have yet to blog about Amsterdam but will…shortly!  I was able to do some of these free things myself.  It’s always good to have some inexpensive or free choices when you travel.  It tends to make you more creative too.

My house in Germany – This one is not a blog but from a fellow military wife who runs a Facebook page for military spouses living overseas in Europe and those about to come over.  If you wanted to get an idea of one style of onpost housing over here, have a look.  Even though most of the onpost housing is stairwell living (apartment blocks), there are some duplexes and other such combos too…some of the newer stuff, yeah!   Wow, she even has her own yard!

Spooky Places to Celebrate Halloween in Europe – Considering how old things are here, you can find just about anything spooky, including our basement!  Here are some great ideas!  Also don’t forget Frankenstein Castle in Germany.  Try to get your tickets ahead of time for their Halloween-themed events, as they many times sell out on certain nights (and even days).  Also watch the age limits.  They offer daytime spooky fun for the younger set.  I also had a friend go thru, I believe the travel office on post, to go on a group trip to Transylvania to see “Dracula’s Castle”.  It wasn’t what he thought it would be, but he thought it was so cool to go to the real Transylvania.

Pumpkin Spice Latte – I am honestly not a Starbucks person, but I will certainly travel to the nearest Starbucks when this stuff is in season.  Here’s how to make it at home.  Let me know if you give it a try!

Did you run across any interesting blogposts this week?

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One Response to “Weekend Blog Round-up #7”

  1. Laurel says:

    Thanks so much for including my post about Efficient Germans and introducing me to some new blogs that I haven’t read before, great list!

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