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Weekend Blog Round-Up #12

Today I feel like I dropped all these little beads on the floor and need to pick them up...ugh!

I should be cleaning the house on my day off.  My vacuum cleaner exploded, and I am using that excuse to sit here on the computer instead of cleaning.  I made a vow by the end of the day that I will at least have the kids clean their rooms and their bathroom, and I will at least get some dusting done.  With us not having any carpeting, except a few area rugs, I can actually clean the floor by sweeping…what a novel concept that is these days.  With that being said, let me mention my favorite blogposts this week….that kept me going through a long week of trying to catch up on some sleep!

Keep Microwave-Reheated Pizza Crispy – You know, I never thought of parchment paper keeping stuff crispy.  I do have wax paper.  I usually use that stuff to cover a plate of food I am microwaving, just so it won’t splatter everywhere.  I use parchment paper sometimes for baking, but never though of microwave use.  The next time we have some pizza, I will try this rather than heating the stuff up in the oven…which I always thought was an electricity waster anyway.

Hungry Germans Happily Adopt Turkish Doener – And it’s no wonder!  If you’ve never had one of these amazing sandwiches, you are missing out!  It is kind of like a pita pocket, filled with shaved meat slices from a big hunk of meat on a standing rotisserie grill.  Then it is loaded up with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and a variety of other veggies like sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots and cabbage, pepperocinis and feta cheese and then with a generous helping of yogurt sauce on top.  Top it all off with a few sprinkles of some kind of hot powder if you are so inclined.  This sandwich is actually an adaptation of a Turkish meal.  The Doener was invented by Turkish immigrants in Germany…I believe in Berlin actually and has spread like wildfire through the continent.  Here in Belgium, it lacks luster and is sometimes loaded with french fries on top (leave it to the Belgians to add french fries).  We eat it every chance we get when we travel to Germany…it’s like a drug to our family, and I already rue the day that we won’t get it stateside…although I have hope.  There is an eatery in Seattle that just opened up such a stand, and I have heard you can find some in NYC.  If you are looking for a business opportunity in the states, I have high hopes that you can cash in on such a stand!

Planning an Epic European Road Trip? – I know that when we first come overseas, we have dreams of planning out this super duper one-of-a-kind massive trip through Europe.  One that we will never forget.  Never mind that we won’t ever have such a big block of time (hey, our military spouses do have work to consider) or if we have kids school always seems to get in the way.  But with that being said, we have some amazing memories of trips we have done over here.  If you are a bit logistically challenged, this post can help you out.

10 Real Talk Blog Tips – Are you a blogger like me?  Do you struggle with finding the time and feel like you have a real obligation to your readers?  Do you love writing and sharing like I do?  Then read what Joy the Baker has to say.  She has some amazing thoughts to share, and I thank her for it!  Very well said, and it gave me renewed energy and ideas!

6 Tips for Coping with Loneliness When Abroad – To be honest, we are a little bit spoiled in our insulated military communities over here.  We are not on our own and still have the safety net of the US government overseas…I mean really…they even bring our stateside products over to make us feel more at home, and we can even use American dollars there!  I have a few friends who are Americans and have NO ACCESS to American stuff here, other than the little store in Brussels that sells weeks old dusty American products or the occasional aisle in the supermarket that carries a few overpriced jars of Peter Pan peanut butter and Betty Crocker brownie mix.  Believe it or not, we both get lonely over here sometimes.  It’s just a fact of not being at home, regardless of what we surround ourselves with.  Since humans are not solitary creatures, it pays to put yourself out there to pull yourself out of this funk.  This blogpost shows you how.

London in the Rain and Five Cheap Things to do on those Rainy Days – Can you imagine?  Rain in London?  Yeah, it happens almost every week.  Arm yourself with either the raingear to enjoy everything you had originally planned or check out some of the ideas here.

How to Find Cheap Airfares in Any Season - Love, love this post!  I already do a lot of what this George guy who founded Airfare Watchdog mentions.  We all should be doing all of it when shopping fares.  No need to pay more than you have to!  Thanks George!

How do I switch from my bank to a credit union? – Remember when they had that day…was it two weeks ago, where there was actually a US-wide movement encouraging people to switch?  I found that to be just….wow!  Millions switched to smaller banks and credit unions and away from the monster mega banks.  I don’t blame them.  People are just fed up.  We are with a small military credit union, and I love the personalized service…hey, they know my name!  If I wasn’t so attached to them and everything they have done for my family, I would have probably gone to USAA long ago.  Don’t think you qualify to join a credit union?  You’d be surprised which ones you DO qualify for!  Don’t let that stop you.  Use this reputable site to find one that fits you and your family.

Turn off your gag reflex by squeezing your thumb – Okay, so I had heard about pain relief at the dentist by using a clothespin to clip your earlobe.  I’ve never tried it myself.  I also know the trick I used to play on my brother when he would cry out cause I did something or other, I would stomp on his foot to deflect the pain (please, I have no idea where I learned that one or why I did that).  But squeezing your thumb?  I’ll have to remember to try that the next time I get gagged somehow.  Have you tried it? Does it really work?

And here’s something from my own archives, Why we don’t follow through disciplining our kids and what we can do about it.

And lastly, cause I thought it was so cool and free til midnight tonight, is this iphone app called Namerick.  I have trouble remembering peoples’ names right after I meet them.  I know you are supposed to say their name out loud at least three times in your conversation with them but the next morning, I have already forgotten their name!  This little app actually works.  I made a point of looking at the supermarket checker’s name that day, punched it into the app right there in the car.  Saw the little diddy it gave me to remember and darned if I didn’t immediately recall her name when I woke up this morning.  I in fact STILL remember her name.  Cool huh?

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