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Giveaway: A Tortilla Press from Pantry Paratus

I recently had a really nice chat with Chaya, the owner of Pantry Paratus (and isn’t that the cutest name?).  Yes, she sells kitchen items in her online store, but what makes her so unique is that she advocates the self-sufficient kitchen.  What is that you say?  Can you imagine making food from scratch and knowing exactly where your food comes from and what it’s made of?  Chaya chatted about her fond memories of being a military spouse over here in Europe, and she wanted us all to know about her interesting store, her FREE SHIPPING to APO and also a blog where you can learn more about being self-sufficient in your own kitchen.  Along with that, she is offering up this very cool tortilla press to one of my readers!  Don’t worry, she’ll teach you how to use it and never again will you buy the limp non-fresh stuff in the baggie at the commissary ever again!  Here’s how you can win this tortilla press and learn more about her company.First, you gotta post below in the comments.  I’d like to hear what you do to help your family become more self-sufficient…..anything from canning your own veggies or fruits to baking your own bread (ok, so that was a dumb example being in Europe with all the AWESOME breads and pastries to choose from).  You get my drift.  Even if it’s not food related, let’s hear it.  I have a friend who makes her own soap in Belgium.  Another makes her own pre-packaged mixes in Germany, where she knows exactly what ingredients are going in there before she uses her next BBQ rub or meatloaf seasonings.  Please post your comment by COB on 12 January 2012 at 12 pm EST to be included in the raffle.  I will choose a winner at random using  Only one comment per entry please and only comments below will be counted.

Be sure to stop by Pantry Paratus and see some of the neat things Chaya has there.  Check out her blog.  I just read about making my own creamed condensed soup on her blog.  I  never thought of not having to grab the Campbell’s stuff which is full of preservatives and just plain junk I’m sure…but it’s in so many of my quick recipes…arrrgghhhh!

Be sure to check out her homepage, as there are daily specials going on for “Preservation Week”   right now!

From the site:  It is our desire to see everyone think seriously about what the family is eating, where it comes from, and how they can preserve their surplus and prepare that pantry for the lean times.  We endeavor to equip and to teach pantry preparedness–healthy, wholesome food to nourish the family from the inside out, today and in the future. Feel free to browse our products, read our articles and discover just how rewarding reconnecting with your food can be for your family.  Our products are the best on the market and we stand by all of them because we use them ourselves!

I’m looking forward to learning some new things from Chaya (and you) and thank her (and you) for stopping by!  If you have a business or something you’d like to highlight, let me know!  I think it’s awesome to hear about these wonderful businesses and endeavors from my readers around the world!  I know this sounds cheesy…but together, we are stronger!

Note: Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away. I do have to approve each one before it gets posted to the blog.

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12 Responses to “Giveaway: A Tortilla Press from Pantry Paratus”

  1. Porchea Lopez says:

    Unfortunately, I am ashamed to say that my family is not really self sufficient. When it comes to baking I usually do everything from scratch, aside from that I’m guilty of buying condensed soups and ready to eat food. That being said, our family plan for this new year is to begin to eat healthier and make as much as we can from scratch. :) I too have a friend who has inspired me to be more aware of what I put on the table and in my children’s bodies (she makes her own peanut butter, laundry detergent, marshmallows!, etc.). It seems like a little extra work, but definitely worth it in the long run. **crossing my fingers for a tortilla press** ;)

  2. Shirley Sander says:

    I’m constantly trying to find ways to feed my family healthier! Lately I have been putting red bell peppers in their lunch boxes, which they love. I stopped buying boxed foods and creat-a-meals in bags last year. Instead I just look at the main ingredients and wing it for the rest. My cooking has definitely improved. By the way, I tried your bread recipe on this site and it turned out fantastic! But, I do live in Germany and buy most of my breads on the economy. :)

  3. Erin says:

    I was just telling my husband about this, I have been making homemade bread for
    about a year now and just started to make rolls too. This weekend I tried making tortillas but ended up turning out as pita bread since I couldn’t get the tortilla thin enough. Winning this would help so much.

  4. Sara says:

    I make my own bread as often as I can. We just got here to Germany and we live on post, so we really haven’t explored shopping on the economy much. It is something I want to work on because I really want to find a shop to buy natural remedies for things like minor aches and pains, trouble sleeping (lavendar), as well as fresh herbs.

  5. Katie Morse says:

    When we lived in the states I made my own bread every week, and had a garden in the summers. I live in Spain now and with the wonderful markets every week and delicious bread I haven’t done either. But I have started making my own tortillas since we have moved here, so I definetly need that tortilla press. I am going now to check out her site. Thanks for all the great info.

  6. Rachel says:

    I am listening to your podcasts to prep for our PCS to Stuttgart in April. I live in the high, dry, desert of Nevada. The BOQ had these weird attachments on the dryer vents.
    When I heard your podcast #4, I thought of these inside dryer vent solutions. They are great for the winter here, because it is so dry, they add some humidity and reduce the static somewhat.

    I would love the tortilla press! So, I guess I have to tell you how I’m self sufficient. Early on in our military life, i put a garden in at base housing. The family who moved in after me thanked me. If I could have a garden with all our recent moves, I would. But I do grow my herbs in pots. I am concerned where I am going to buy my wheat berries in Germany, because I grind my wheat and make my own bread. To be fair, I have an electric grinder and a bread machine, so I spend 10 minutes of prep and the machine bakes a loaf in under 3 hours. I just learned how to make sourdough – a very long process indeed! I really appreciate those specialty stores who sell it fresh! I have been looking for a tortilla press, so if I don’t win it, I’ll probably buy it anyway. They’re hard to find.
    I don’t use too many canned goods. I started reading “the Best Recipe” by America’s Test Kitchen, and once I learn the science behind it, I can apply it to other recipes. I read the labels because I have 4 kids and they’ll eat enough junk on their own. I don’t need to add to it.

    I think that most military wives are self sufficient! We have to start from scratch in each new community. We jump in and help out in a way that amazes the locals at times. I call it rising to the occasion.
    Which I hope to do in Europe! I am so excited to move. With 11 moves and 21 years in, I can’t believe I can still say that.
    I love your blog! Thank you! You are providing a great service.

  7. Chaya says:

    Rachel–We don’t currently sell wheat berries in the bulk you would need, but hope to soon! We do have free shipping to APO on everything but wheat and legumes though. So if you have a problem finding them once you are over there, contact me. I LOVE what you said about military wives BEING self-sufficient–so true. And as with true self-sufficiency, you also learn to carry with you a strong sense of COMMUNITY! Good luck on the move! You might find that the local bread in Germany is just too yummy to pass up!

  8. Melonie K. says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’m a fairly new reader of Pantry Paratus and have found so many neat resources there – and now another blog to read to boot!

    I’d love to win the tortilla press because we use a ton of whole grain tortillas and this was actually on my list for 2012 specifically for making my kitchen more self-sufficient! We invested in a grain mill this past summer and while I can’t get wheatberries in Okinawa, the owner of GrainMaker actually clued me in to using popcorn for making cornbread. We also grind Bob’s Red Mill quinoa which I can get at the commissary.

    In general, because I grew up in the military with 3 overseas tours, we’ve always had a fairly self-sufficient kitchen because my mom taught me to stock the pantry as much as possible. You never knew when a shipment might be delayed or just have lousy stuff, you never knew what would be going on around the bases that might limit access (we lived off base), and just in general, it was a good idea to be stocked up to feed the family and share with neighbors who might need something they’ve run out of. This has served my family well as we’ve hunkered down during multiple typhoons with no concerns about whether we were ready or not – there was no need to run to the store last minute as I knew I already had bottled water and plenty of food as recommended by the .gov when we moved there. Again, very comforting, especially when we had a flooded living room from one typhoon in 2011 and had to use every towel, sheet, and even spare clothes in the house to soak up water. Knowing I had food that didn’t even have to be cooked when we were totally mentally worn out was a huge help – as was popping some popcorn (air popped on the stove, even) and turning the upstairs into a movie zone kept the kids calm and the adults sane while we waited out a 3-day storm. Ultimately it turned into an awesome family weekend that we’d love to repeat…… well, minus the flooding. ;-)

  9. I made my own baby food and cloth diapered for awhile. I also have a garden, and can’t wait to collect rain water next summer!

  10. Debra L says:

    I am making my own jellies and preserves and starting to learn how to can. I like knowing exactly whats in my food!

  11. Julie L says:

    we have a garden and canned/froze vegetables

  12. Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife says:

    Thank you everyone for participating! I’ll be sure to announce a winner shortly! And thank you to Chaya for sharing her story and online store with us:-) I’ve actually learned quite a bit!

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