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Blog Round-Up #25

So cold!


Come on snow day Monday!  I bet it’s just wishful thinking.  Had to open the kitchen window to vent the stupid dryer.  Even though it is an icebox in there, even with my jerry rigged “insulation” around the hose hanging out the window, I am thankful for my American dryer, where every load is delivered fresh and HOT unlike those steamy condenser European dryers.  Since I’m too lazy to run up to the third floor to get our one space heater, I’m going to make do with fingerless gloves and a cozy scarf while I go through my favorite blogposts of the week!  Enjoy!

Why French parents are superior – I know the news hit earlier in the week.  I think it even hit American mainstream news media.  Either way, the French must be doing some things right.  I think you can apply a lot of this stuff to European parents in general.  Just go to any European playground and watch the European parents.  They don’t hover, they don’t jump in when the little one gets a boo-boo and they don’t react and problem solve before giving their kids an opportunity to figure it out themselves.  My mother was like this.  I still remember.  I don’t know if it made me a more independent person, but I would like to think so.  Think about this the next time you swoop in to save your child.  You can still be an advocate for your child of course but you gotta be able to teach them the skills to survive when they become adults….as hard as that may be…and it starts in toddlerhood!

Of a Kind – I just thought this was a neat idea.  Unknown designers can peddle their designs here.  Some of it is way out there but some of it is refreshing.  I like to support people who have an eye for style and haven’t been mainstreamed yet.

Top 10 ways to travel smarter, cheaper and safer – If you can master these 10 points, your trip will be so much easier!  As you know, I am always perfecting my technique with every new adventure!  For me, that’s part of the fun!

What is a pet passport and why do I need one? – For those of you coming from stateside, you are wondering what these passports are.  After reading this, you’ll know.  You can get one for your pet at an off-post vet.  You will need this if you plan to cross any European borders with your pet…just like you need one for yourself.  Of course, you won’t need the thing when you fly back stateside, but it makes a nice souvenir for your pet.

$30 a day in Prague – Yes, it can still be done!  If you are on a budget, please be sure to read this.

Rip-offs Encountered at the Grocery Store – Ewwwww…I think I just lost my appetite.  I love how they are always trying to find new ways to reel us in!

How to deal with street harassment in foreign countries – It seems like whenever I go to Turkey, I lose all self confidence…and it shows.  On my last trip in a touristy coastal town, as I strolled hand-in-hand with my husband, I was getting catcalls, whistles and appreciative glances….to the point of me not wanting to continue our stroll.  It’s been a few years….of course I have aged a few years too….but I think I would approach our walk a little differently now.  These are definitely good tips.

Why travel with kids is good for all involved – Don’t leave them at home!  I know sometimes it is easier to leave them at home.  My brother has brought this up a time or two.  We went on two big across-Europe trips as a family…without him….because he was “too little”.

Sh*t Travel Bloggers Say – I had to laugh at some of the comments!  I think I want to do a video of “Sh*t military spouse bloggers say”.  If anyone has a video clip they’d like to add to my effort, please message me!  I’ll be sure to credit/link you.

Chocolate Nutella Caramel Filled Cookies – World Nutella Day came, and I missed it.  I have a jar of Nutella I hide in the cabinet and kind of forgot about it.  I don’t even like chocolate (I know, how dare I), but there’s something about the creamy goodness of Nutella that makes me forget this minor detail.

Surprising things that can kill your credit – You know you can’t do anything financial-wise these days with damaged credit. Did you know about these dings?

Forget the dog not the baby – I wanted to highlight a new military spouse blog I was not familiar with.  Be sure to stop by and say hello and say LLMW sent you!

Here’s why America lags behind in mobile banking – Finally someone has blogged honestly about this subject.  I never understood why I can get a top-of-the-line technology cell phone in Europe and then have to wait at least a year to get the same quality/technology stateside (not comparing Apple products).  Now you know why you can pay for things with your cell phone in Africa but not in the US (at least not to the same extent) after reading this article.

Everything KMC – If you are in the Kaiserslautern Military Community, here is another resource for you.  It’s a message board:-)

The amount of sugar in food, expressed in sugar cubes – Wow, my brain can wrap itself around these photos.  I really think I am addicted to sugar.

Parenting Alone thru a Deployment – I guess this is me right now…and you too at one point or another.  I always hesitate to call myself a “single parent” as unlike a single parent, I still have a support system of the military, my DH’s paycheck and my DH’s emails from downrange.  I don’t want to take anything away from true single parents who are truly on their own with very little outside support.

Orange Peel Jello Shots – How in the world can people be so creative?

If you’re still with me here and like to collect things, here are some ideas for you to display your treasures in I Collect Things…straight from the archives and see you on next week’s Blog Round-up!


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3 Responses to “Blog Round-Up #25”

  1. Kristi says:

    I like these blog round up posts. what a neat idea!

  2. Nikki says:

    I don’t think you realize was a lifesaver you are. I don’t think I would have survived on our European tour if you had not been here. Thank-you!

  3. Coupons says:

    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend!

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