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Blog Round-Up #26


I am a little giddy this morning.  Let’s see….DH has been home two days now from deployment, and we are all still on Cloud 9.  I don’t even know what that term means exactly, but suffice it to say I am happy…the kids are happy…and we are all just happy.  I snuck on here, because DH decided to go into work this morning.  Never mind the boss told him to take the week off.  Never mind the base will be a ghost town as this is our Pre-Lenten Break or “Ski Week” as it’s called.  People leave the base in full force and only the bare bones inner workings are still going on.  Well, at least it gives me an opportunity to catch up on my favorite blog reading with my favorite tea mug.  There are definitely some good ones this week!

How the London Underground made me miss my flight – Oh man, this happened to me…almost….once…and the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is excruciating!  I sure feel for this blogger.  I think I may even have shed a tear for her too.  There may be some lessons learned stuck in there.  Read it and get enlightened.

Myrabelle – I always wanted to order one of these German necklaces….and wouldn’t it be even cheesier with my name on it?  I thought it would be a neat reminder of my time in Germany and would be an added festive piece I could wear at future Oktoberfests or other gatherings, especially back in the States when I want to get my German funk on.

Flightfox – I thought this was a neat idea.  Get other people to do the work for you in finding a cheap flight.  Especially if what they are saying is true….people are posting they saved hundreds of Euros by using Flightfox.  My question…is it because they were dumb enough to not even research basic discounted fares and went with full price fares or did the folks who do the crawling/searching on this site truly dig deeper and find some gems?  I’ll leave it to you to figure it out and investigate.  It’s a neat concept either way.

Using German Numbers – A Traveler’s Guide – I sometimes forget I grew up in Germany.  This is evidenced by a friend of mine not being able to find our apartment during our first tour in Germany.  Turns out she was confusing the ground floor with the first floor…it’s different in Germany.  You probably already knew that, but this blogger brings up some other German numbers you may find interesting or helpful.

Debunking Myths about Germany:  Trachten – Oh this is a good one.  We all know most of us will travel back to the States with a Dirndl or Lederhosen or possibly two.  It’s a given.  Many Americans think all Germans wear this stuff.  Debunk the myth right here.

Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life – It is sometimes isn’t it!  Every week I highlight a new military spouse blog.  This is it for this week!  Julie is doing a Project 365.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I think it’s you highlighting a different thing you or your family did that day.  She is a photographer and sometimes I get homesick looking at her photos of what life is like back in the US….sigh.

Barcelona:  5 Tourist Traps to Avoid – You probably have Barcelona as one of your travel destinations.  I tend to agree with this blogger.  I didn’t know about the flamenco thing either til an honest Spanish friend told me the real deal.

Riding the Gravy Train – Bring on the meals!  It seems like only your church and your group of military spouses gets in on this meal thing after you’ve come out of the hospital or had some other hiccup or God forbid tragedy in your life.  The women sure circle the wagons when it comes to food.  I cringed a bit when Lisa talked about the poor wife who evidently can’t cook, but you know what?  It’s the spirit of giving and caring about other people that means the most.  I know she was just trying to be funny though:-)

Family resorts to public humiliation to stop teen from stealing – By now, you all have seen the video of the father who shot a bullet into his daughter’s laptop.  Boy did that go viral!  We all discussed it to death, whether we thought it was right or wrong.  Here’s another one to discuss.  Would you do this with your child?  Do you see it as right or wrong?

What is this crazy, waterless washing machine?  – Oh man, this looks awfully a lot like something out of the Jetsons!  I only have one question.  Are the clothes absolutely clean and stain-free when they come out?  If so, sign me up!

35 Pets died on airplanes last year, over half on Delta – Many of us overseas (and those about to come over) have been following the saga of the United/Continental merger and the merged airlines raising the pet shipping fees to thousands of dollars.  We all know the military does not pay for your pets, their care or their travel…it’s all on you.  I find it terribly interesting that Delta has been quietly shipping pets via cargo (although I don’t think the prices are quite as high as United is quoting)…and now I read this and see what looks like a link between cargo shipping and pet deaths?  Or am I making too many assumptions?

How Target can deduce pregnancies, create new habits and know what you want before you do – We all love shopping at Target and even Wal-mart, especially when we don’t get to see either of these stores too often.  But sometimes, it is awfully scary to see how Big Brotherish they can be!  According to this, Target can basically run your life.  I may think twice about using loyalty cards in my favorite stores and anything less than cash…gee….

Pinterest Porn – We all have been bitten by the Pinterest bug.  I know I spend more time on there than I need to.  It’s that addicting.  Of course this issue would raise its ugly head too…it always does.  What do you think?

Pinterest is blowing up – And while we are on the subject, how many of you have read the Pinterest Terms of Service?  Be honest…raise your hand?  Uh huh…I thought so…not many of you. I’m going to admit I didn’t either.  You may want to read and see why many are choosing NOT to join Pinterest and why it could be an issue for you when you start pinning things that don’t belong to you specifically….hmmmm….

And before I forget something from the archives, let me dig something out.  How about for those of you moving this summer, should you live on or off post?

Oh, and I promise I will get to your email questions.  Many of you I have already answered via email…for those of you I haven’t, please be patient with me!  I may try to round all those questions up into a podcast…it’s about time I do another one!

Oh there goes the doorbell.  Yes, my plumbing saga continues.  What would’ve taken two days stateside is now on day….let me think for a minute….day #5.  On the plus side, we are getting a shiny new toilet and tiled wall!  It’s the small pleasures in life you hang onto really.


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One Response to “Blog Round-Up #26”

  1. Christine says:

    Great blog as always Raquel! Thank you for taking time away from DH to continue writing for us! Enjoying your blog with a warm cup of coffee on this chilly morning:)

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