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The dumbest move your movers made in your PCS move

What our house needs to look like...empty...after the movers get done with it!

I hit a nerve again.  I recently asked on my blog’s Facebook page about the dumbest move your movers have ever made.  I didn’t ask you to rank order them and frankly, I thought everyone would have something along the same lines…such as packing the trash and breaking something, which both have happened to us at one time or another.  Boy was I wrong!  Here’s what you all shared.

  • Leaving half the dishes behind.
  • Driving off and leaving a few boxes on my porch.
  • Packing breakables UNDER my couch.
  • Packing a box with picture frames, and then books.  Result, broken picture frames.
  • Extra tile, laminate and wood flooring packed up that was supposed to stay with the house.
  • Onpost housing keys packed that needed to be turned in after the pack out.
  • Packing up THEIR trash to include their lunch wrappers (that we supplied) and the empty cardboard rings from the tape they used to close boxes.
  • Leaving a whole closet unpacked.
  • Packing a computer monitor with no padding around it.
  • Boxes that were crushed when they rolled off the moving trailer due to the removal of a bulkhead.  Over 200 photos of damaged boxes taken.
  • Random small items thrown into boxes with baking pans and other large and heavy items.
  • Leaving a drill behind.  It was mailed back by us at an expense of $20 postage.  No reimbursement.
  • Instead of hanging up items in the tall wardrobe boxes, stuffing them in the bottom of the box instead.
  • One mover taking an entire day to empty a closet by taking EVERYTHING off the hangers and throwing them into regular boxes, not a wardrobe box.
  • Mixing items from several different rooms and mislabeling them.
  • A computer monitor packed in the bottom of a trashcan with a cement outdoor fountain on top, all secured with the trashcan lid.
  • Letting the movers unpack ALL the boxes, leaving huge piles of books and a bed with a mountain of clothing that almost reached to the ceiling.
  • A gallon of glue was packed, which exploded in transit and leaked all over the outdoor furniture it was packed with.
  • A VCR not wrapped or padded, thrown into a box and then paper clips and other small office items getting inside the machine.
  • Coffeemaker packed with coffee grounds still in it.
  • Nothing from the bathroom was packed.
  • A moving crew realizing it takes more than a day to pack out 12 crates (wooden crates are used for overseas moves mostly).
  • This same crew did not have their supplies in order, such as tape and markers and had to borrow crayons from the movee.
  • And old console-type TV packed on top of a laptop.
  • An empty bottle of Coke was packed not because it was a souvenir, but it was something the husband had drank and put down.
  • A late start to packing out due to one of the movers forgetting her ID and having to drive two hours back home and then back again.  This mover ended up being a crackhead and was sent away.
  • Satellite TV receivers packed that were supposed to be turned in.
  • Boxes were packed inside boxes.
  • A lawnmower packed on top of a piano in one of the large wooden moving crates.
  • Two kids’ ride ons that were not packed in any box and did not show up at the other end.
  • Packing things we specifically told them NOT to pack, such as our 110 volt appliances when moving to Germany.
  • Not securing the screws and bolts for furniture and upon arrival, no way to put beds and other furniture back together.
  • Our boxes taken out of the secured wooden crates in the UK on its way to Germany with four boxes missing.
  • A 5 lb bag of potatoes was packed.  Potato juice anyone?
  • A loaf of bread packed.  Spices packed, thrown in a box resulting in loose spice powder and flakes everywhere.
  • Taking a carefully packed bin of Christmas ornaments and rewrapping each item, put in a cardboard box and many broken upon arrival.
  • Packed a rock we used to prop open the backdoor.
  • Because four remaining boxes would not fit in the crate, those items were poured out loosely into the wooden crate.
  • Our cat, who we thought ran away was packed.
  • Folding rolls of wrapping paper in half to fit in a box.
  • Wrapping a butcher knife in paper and putting it in a box labeled “plastic items”.
  • Using two mattresses as padding for a motorcycle.
  • Movers not showing up on their designated day, then blaming us for the error.
  • Emptying all of our plastic bins into boxes.
  • An antique chest was pushed across the driveway, breaking off its feet.
  • A mover with severe diarrhea in my Master Bath.
  • Destroying a piece of furniture that was stored sideways.
  • Purposely breaking off the legs of a table to make it fit.
  • Packing my glasses I needed to drive with.
  • Packing our table on top of my husband’s motorcycle.
  • Packing a vase with fresh roses and water my husband had just given me.
  • My longtime bell collection decimated due to improper wrapping and packing.
  • Furniture not wrapped and padded properly, causing chips and scrapes.
  • Packing library books we needed to return.
  • Packing a lampshade in with books and other heavy objects.
  • Packing the used toilet brush and plunger.
  • Packing a broken garden gnome.
  • Forgetting two kitchen drawers full of silverware.
  • A box of valuables and keepsakes missing on the other end.
  • A wedding dress that was packed in a box with a Halloween costume that had a fake IV of blood attached to it.   The wardrobe box next to it had a set of neatly hung ACUs (uniform).
  • Dirty and full litter box packed.

Can I just tell you I was SPEECHLESS after I read this!  I don’t think I need to complain again about our next move unless the whole kit and kaboodle is missing.  I remember one of our first Army moves…CRYING….because one of the movers had taken a keepsake that was partly made out of a one dollar bill that his recently deceased grandmother had given him as a memento.  They did pack the rest of the broken memento with the bill missing.  Yes, we have had random things broken like most folks too.  And, a few things missing but luckily nothing too sentimental or too valuable.

As I continue to dig through our drawers, bins, closets and shelves, I am going to keep this list in mind.  If you are moving, be sure to read my method to the madness of at least trying to make sure everything comes out at the other end…in order, intact and in sight!

Have your movers done anything you would consider dumb lately?

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10 Responses to “The dumbest move your movers made in your PCS move”

  1. Sonja A. says:

    I just had to add to this, lol, as this list is already long.

    My friend moved from Germany to NC and the movers packed their turkey-fryer complete WITH oil in it. Needless to say, it spilled everywhere and on a lot of other boxes. :( And when we moved from Germany to AL, we couldn’t find our dishes anywhere. I finally resigned myself to the fact they were gone. Well, we started putting things away from this box that had my husbands toolbag in it, and various things for the shed–like flower pots, etc…and on the bottom of all that were our dishes! We had several pieces broken..but at least not my most important pieces. And then someone thought it would be great to pack the bikes on top of my wedding dress box. It was crushed and had multiples holes in it, revealing my dress. I asked my hubby to open it, because by that point, I was sooo frustrated. Thankfully, just the box and bag it was in was ruined. The dress is still complete. :) I love moving, lol. ;)

    May we all have better moves in the future! We’re PCSing this summer, so we’ll see what makes it! :D

  2. Maggie says:

    So many dumb things to list. However we did just find a whole tub of Christmas ornaments from our previous move that are not ours and would love to find the owners. If anyone is looking for their keepsake ornaments, I have some names from a couple pieces so if you can give me names they could be yours. Moved from Omaha NE to San Antonio TX if that helps.

  3. DKGMom says:

    We had everything packed up for a move to Germany. We discovered that the movers forgot a whole drawer of silverware and a whole cupboard of baking dishesand frying pans. The day before we were to clear housing we got word that our EFMP was denied. So a few weeks later we got all of our stuff back. I discovered that the movers had packed a pitcher with an inch of milk in the bottom of it. The smell was awful and I could have imagine how much worse it would have been if it had gone the whole way to Germany. The movers were working pretty hard until lunchtime. Then they decided that looking at funny videos on youtube was more fun than packing our stuff.
    On our first move to Germany, I had a beautiful hand painted toy box, that had Noah’s Ark painted on it completely fall apart because it did not have any padding to protect it. I was so heart broken. :(

  4. MelB says:

    When we arrived for our second tour to Germany one of the movers asked if he could charge his cell phone in the kitchen while they were unloading the truck. He then spent the rest of the day sneaking away to the kitchen to yell(in German) & swear (in English) at someone on the phone. He ended the day by cornering my husband & I in the living room and begging us for money. He was fired. Yikes!

  5. Moises Holub says:

    Not to get off topic but We’re wanting to move to another town and are trying to find an legitimate moving company. We were curious about using this company, Move4Less 1015 Shary Cir #7 Concord, CA 94518 – 925-808-3139. Is there some kind of movers fraud or review website I can use to do a background check?

  6. admin says:

    I would follow the tips here

    There are also a few review sites out there like where people can write up reviews on movers.

    I would also google “name of movers” and “complaint” and see what comes up…maybe even plug the phone # in at one point. Good luck with your move!

  7. Christina says:

    THE CAT?! You’re right- I will never complain again. Our worst experience? A small charcoal grill, full of ashes, packed with the children’s clothes for a local move. Also, I packed my own unmentionables in a container but found on the other end a pair of the movers gloves mixed in like they were left intentionally for me to know. Creeped me out!

  8. Kris says:

    Just curious what happened to the cat?! I really hope it somehow survived!

  9. E's Mommy says:

    Some of these complaints are understandable (like the cat!? Are you serious!?), but some are what make people in the moving business absolutely livid. You see, my husband is a mover…I spent many years on the road with him…I worked in the office of a moving company for a few more years. All of the comments about “they packed my garbage”, “they packed my keys/glasses”, “they packed something that was supposed to stay with the house”…it is YOUR duty to have your house prepped when the movers get there. Things that should go with you should be stowed in your car or placed in a pile SPECIFICALLY DESIGNATED as things the movers are not to touch. Seriously, do you know how many times moving companies get called because the mover “left a coke bottle” that would normally be considered trash, but that bottle was…say…the last soda their great great grandpa drank before he had a massive heart attack and died and it is the most important thing in their universe”. So always prep your house. Don’t want used coffee grounds going in your Mr Coffee? Dump it when you are done. It’s not the mover’s job to clean up after you. Is the moving company unpacking for you? I URGE you to ask your coordinator if that comes with “white glove service”. If the answer is no, get ready for your bed and counters to be piled to the ceiling. On a regular unpack, they are NOT to put your stuff in cabinets/drawers…even if you ask nicely. And something from another room showed up in a box it “shouldn’t belong” in…movers have a special way of packing. A box must fill out. If the rest of the stuff from your livingroom didn’t fill a box, expect some office goods in there to fill it out. Smaller boxes inside of larger boxes is the safest way to pack some things, most notably, stemware. Most items shift during transfer, thus all of your hanging clothes may end up in the bottom of a wardrobe box. And on a military move, ESPECIALLY overseas, there can be NO PBO’s (packed by owner), thus all of the items in your plastic tote would be moved to a box. They want the movers to ensure no contraband is in the shipment. A PBO would basically be an uninspected box that would not be the mover’s liability. The military won’t have any of that.

  10. Maggie says:

    E’s Mommy, I notice how you didn’t mention what makes us livid as I can see how some of these complaints make the movers livid try being on our end with some of the moves that you didn’t mention. Some were first time movers and not knowing what to expect, it does not take rocket science to ask, do you want the oil left in the fry daddy? Yeah happened to me on my first move. Totally forgot it was in there for we use the oil more than once. So even though the movers get livid because of the small things like oil, dishes left behind, ect. I have no sympathy for them when my belongings get to the other end damages (some that can not be replaced) because of substandard packing like bowling ball on top of lampshade, antique dishes without paper wrapping but wrapping corning ware.

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