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Scentsy and Pink Zebra Go Head to Head

Scentsy on the left, Pink Zebra on the right.

I had heard of Scentsy.  I have friends who have Scentsy.  I felt I didn’t need it…so never bought any of the warmers or the wax bars.  I was recently presented with an opportunity to try out Pink Zebra, which are also smell wax things but cute little wax balls.  I decided now was the time to try both of them to see exactly what all the fuss was about.

Pink Zebra is a company that has been around for 20 years stateside and is just now making the foray into APO, as in overseas.  They call their warmers “Simmering Lights” and I can see why.  They are truly pretty.

Many of you already know Scentsy.  I think there must be at least half a dozen or more reps on each of our posts over here.  Scentsy has been around for quite a while and has a HUGE (understatement) following overseas with military spouses and those who are stationed or serving here.  Their warmers are solid hunks of clay with holes to let the light shine through, although I see they now have something called a “Silhouette collection” which has a wire and metal outside and I hate to say it, this big white ugly white pillar in the middle.  It makes the warmers look a little too heavy..but then again, that’s my own personal style talking through.

Some Scentsy warmers.

One of the newer Scentsy warmers with the big white pillar in the middle.

In my first experiment, I used my redneck warmer, which was just a coffee mug on one of those coffee mug warmer things you plug in.  Okay, so I am behind the times and didn’t have all the accoutrements…sorry!

My redneck way of warming up the Pink Zebra wax sprinkles.

I tried one packet of Pink Zebra Sprinkles in there and within minutes I was almost bowled over by the powerful scent!  It smelled really good but WOW was it strong.  I think my cat might’ve even tried to run away.  Since I’m a stickler for safety, I was afraid to leave the thing on.  Perhaps the mug warmer is much hotter than the Pink Zebra simmering lights.  I just knew I could sleep easier if I turned the thing off.  I proceeded a total of 10 days, turning it on in the morning and then off at night.  I noticed towards the end of the 10 day period, the smell started to fade.  After having it sit for three days without turning it on, I turned it on today.  The scent came back with a punch but then settled down a bit.

The Pink Zebra simmering lights with the Fall shades. Their sprinkles come in little jars.

In another part of the house, I decided to set up the Scentsy warmer and two chunks of scent from the bar (I broke two pieces out of the pack).  I should probably NOT have picked a scent that smelled like food.  The smell did not come on very strong but it lingered to middle strength, and all I could think about all day was baking cookies…or rather eating them…to the point of distraction.  Note to self, next time use a non-food scent!

I did like the way the warmer looked though…crackled pottery style with fleur-de-lis symbols which kind of fits into our Old World decor.  Some of my friends say our place looks like a little like an antique shop, so it quickly found a nice spot on my grandmother’s old buffet.  I did the same as I did for the Pink Zebras.  I ran it during the day for ten days and had it off for three days.  When I turned it back on, I was surprised to smell the scent, nice and delicate, not too overpowering but definitely there.  The first thing my son said when he came home from school was “what kind of cookies are you baking?”….ooops.

After my little experiment I have concluded the following….real scientific-like I know:

  • The Pink Zebra warmers overall are just prettier.  I like the wire cage on the outside, which they call the shade (it lets out more light) and the standard bottom part that fits under all shades.  In their catalog, they also have resealable reed diffusers with some bling you can wear as a bracelet (hey, they know what I like) and a neat method of infusing the scent into the reeds.  The catalog says, “Don’t Touch ‘em…Flip ‘em” and you do.  Cool.  Me and my one track mind, I might just buy one to get the cool bracelet!

  • The Pink Zebra Sprinkles really pack a punch!  If you are looking for a STRONG scent (at least with the scent I tried), it started out strong and then petered out.  It was one of the recipe scents, meaning a combination of scents (different colored sprinkles) that was called “Aloha”.
  • I like the compactness of the Scentsy bars and how you can easily close the pack after getting out what you need (the consultant recommends warming two at a time).  I tried the “Oats and Honey” but decided it smelled so good I need to get a non-food scent next time.  The downside?  I didn’t like getting the greasy wax on my hands.  Yuck.  I DO like that you can just pour the Pink Zebra Sprinkles out of the jar and better yet, you can mix and match and really be creative and make some neat combination smells with their basic offerings.

All in all, I think if you are going to use these wax smell things, both companies have something to offer.  I can seem myself ordering from both of them or God forbid, ordering a Pink Zebra Simmering Light and shade to use with the Scentsy bars.  I’m going to give it another shot though with different flavors…er smells… and to be honest, get a Pink Zebra warmer so the scents are warmed like they are supposed to.  It’s possible that not all scents from either company are as powerful, last as long or whatever the two companies recommend as their use life.  I think you really have to try it for yourself.

If you want to try out Pink Zebra Sprinkles, please contact Ashley Cooper at or view her site.  She is a consultant over here in Germany and is trying to get the word out on this alternative product.  If you don’t already have a Scentsy consultant, I have found that La Tosha Morris has been WONDERFUL!  Her email is  When my warmer arrived with a broken bulb, she immediately sent a replacement and since she is also overseas, it arrived in two days.  She did tell me the bulbs are warrantied for life, so if it ever breaks again, I can contact her or even Scentsy for a free replacement.  How’s that for service?

As a sidenote, for those of you overseas, Scentsy does sell the warmers in 220 volt.  I don’t know if I would run the 110 volt ones on a transformer.  Transformers use so much electricity, and I have found that all my 110 volt appliances that use heat run MUCH hotter.  Just be careful and maybe turn the thing off when you leave the house.

Are there any other companies out there that sell these types of products?  What has been your experience with either company?

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14 Responses to “Scentsy and Pink Zebra Go Head to Head”

  1. Angie says:

    Scentsy does sell 220 warmers to APO/FPO. I am a consultant living in Korea and I sell them. ;o)

  2. Angie says:

    Oops sorry, I read that wrong. ;o)

  3. Hali says:

    Can the sprinkles be used in the scentsy?

  4. admin says:

    I did.

  5. Michelle says:

    Yes you can use any warmer for the sprinkles. If anyone is interested in trying Pink Zebra please let me know, I’d be glad to help you out or answer any questions :)

  6. Jennifer Roth says:

    Just an FYI – Scentsy also has “recipes” so that you can mix and match scents to make your own. They also carry a lifetime warranty on their warmers and you can just replace a lid instead of the entire warmer if you happen to break just that piece. They have so many warmers and scents to choose from (80+) that there is something for everyone. I’m not sure about pink zebra but if you happen to get a scent and you decide you really aren’t happy with it, your Scentsy consultant will usually switch it out for you :)Hope that helps :)

  7. Melissa says:

    Just be careful mixing wax and warmers. If you burn anything other than Scentsy wax in a Scentsy warmer, you void the warranty.

  8. Kylee Francescon says:

    Try Gold Canyon who also ships APO.

    We have warmers with Timers, NO light bulbs, and NO Digging out Wax. Contact me today (seriously this weekend) to get a special we have to get your Warmer for $5!

  9. JMichelle says:

    This is great! Oh and Pink Zebra is 100% satisfaction guaranteed so if you don’t like something you order or it breaks PZ will replace it or give your money back!I sell PZ!

  10. Karren Sneider says:

    Cool “Head to Head” comparison blog! Thanks!!

    F.Y.I. Scentsy is also now available in the UK – I’m a consultant ;-D

  11. Kristen says:

    Scentsy doesn’t have a bulb replacement under their warranty I have bought them for years and had to buy bulbs. I’ve also found the warranty to be kind of ridiculous I had a warmer with an electrical shortage so my rep contacted scentsy and I was told sorry nothing we can do so I have a hard time believing the lifetime warranty or the whole voiding the warranty by using pink zebra sprinkles. I have completely made a switch to pink zebra products because I feel like your getting more for your money and the smells are stronger, :)

  12. Sharon Head says:

    I sell Pink Zebra in the states. If anyone is interested in a sample of a scent, please email me. I’d be glad to send you a sample of sprinkles to try. You can email me at

  13. Sprinkling Pink says:

    I’m a Scentsy rep, turned to Pink Zebra. Almost identical warranty on the warmers. PZ is definitely targeted to those that aren’t wanting to stick with the same warmer/same scents for extended periods. $18 to replace a shade is a lot cheaper than $40 for a new warmer

  14. Maria Hough says:

    If you want to
    Purchase Pink Zebra contact me. I will give you 10% off. I am an independent consultant.
    Call or text 217-417-3786 Maria Hough

    Join my team for FREE!! The company offers a start up kit for $99. But contact me- we will work together and get your kit FREE!!!

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