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Posts Tagged ‘France’

How to figure out your French highway tolls & other French driving stuff

  One of the more frequent questions I get asked is how do I figure out my French highway tolls?  How do you pay the toll?  Are they on all the roads?  Can I use my Esso Fuelcard outside of Germany?  Let’s get right to the answers!

Round Up #43

It’s a steep learning curve.  Today I had to teach myself how to set up a VPN on my computer and then on my ipad.  Since I’d like to set up our entire house on a network with VPN, I am reading and prepping myself on how to do that once the router I ordered [...]

Round-Up #37

I am sitting here wondering why no one has told us in our outprocessing spiel that we should be outprocessing our Belgian commune too.  I mean, we registered when we moved here…even though it took a total of six months to do that….logic dictates that we would deregister too.  Yet another thing to add to [...]

The French Disposable Breathalyzer Trashed…literally

Oh I was waiting for this.  I kind of wondered about the usefulness of the new requirement for vehicles coming into France requiring disposable breathalyzers on board.  Or face stiff fines.  Why?  Because apparently too many people were having drunk driving accidents in France, so I guess this was the perfect answer.

Round-Up #34

  We sure hit the ground running.  Isn’t it always like that after Spring Break?  Where did the time go?  I can’t believe this time next week, I’ll be sitting in Russia somewhere…..wondering if I should panic now or later.  I’ve never been to Russia.  I already pulled my suitcase back out and started filling [...]

Round-Up #28

If you wondered why all has been quiet on the Western Front here, it is because I took a nice LONG weekend trip to Berlin (blogstuff to come soon)!  It wasn’t all fun.  You know, I had to go support my kids who were competing there.  I am a good parent you know or try [...]

Dispatching the stereotypes – Not theirs but ours!

  Have you been to Europe yet?  If not, has someone already given you the run-down on what to expect on your European tour?  Here are some stereotypes you might have heard and my own personal experiences with them.   Feel free to add or make your OWN observations below.

Six travel mistakes I made this summer

In Oslo’s Vigeland Park (Norway) I know.  LLMW does not make mistakes…aghast…but she really does…and bad ones sometimes too.  Just because you have a lot of knowledge does not mean you know everything…plus, you sometimes forget or are lazy or just don’t know any better.  I made this site not only to help others but [...]

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