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Please join us over on the LLMW Facebook Page

DSC03932Hello all,

Just a quick message that no new information is being added here but TONS of information is being added on the blog’s Facebook page!  I also answer questions over there.  In a few months I will slowly but surely be updating the information on this blog to keep it relevant and to add any new info, especially for the overseas living and traveling blogposts.  My current “real job”  and life does not allow me the time to spend on this blog like I would really love to do, so instead I keep folks in the loop over on the blog’s Facebook page.  I talk about travel deals, emergency alerts, weather and other things of interest that have to do with military spousedom and living and traveling overseas.

Top 25 Things to Do Around Garmisch


Yeah these guys were walking to my neighbor's house.

Yeah these guys were walking to my neighbor’s house.

After living one glorious year in Garmisch and countless visits before that, I feel like I should share some of my favorite haunts in that area.  In no particular order, here are some of my favorite things to do in the Garmisch area.

Leaving my pet or taking my pet back stateside when I PCS or move?


Those of us who have been overseas and have pets or want pets are often being told that Americans stationed overseas are known to abandon their pets when it’s time to move stateside.  I’m not sure why this is, because I know plenty of good folks who treat their pets as members of their own family.  But unfortunately there are those of us who treat pets as objects evidenced by referring to the animals as “it” or saying they need to “get rid of it” and the like.  They treat pets like underpants.  Hey, we can get a new one next duty station or when we feel like it again.  Here are some options for you and your pet.  Let’s see if we can change this stigma.

Meet Sam Walton Man and his “Life in Germany” to see what life is like for an American

Business & Finance

US Flag Mosaic

Funny how my son introduced me to this video blogger.  His German teacher actually shows some of his videos in German class.  Sam does an excellent job of detailing what life is like in Germany with a sense of humor and through the eyes of a young American.  Great insight and fun to watch, especially if you have orders in hand and have never been overseas.

Why is being difficult with its APO customers?

Families & People

Baby sitting in diaper | b14620 | RubberBall

Being overseas, has been such a welcome in giving us a taste of home with their products, American-style customer service and super fast shipping.  In the past two weeks, something has happened where it is no longer a bed or roses and in fact is a thorn in our sides!  To be specific, many of us LOVE the Amazon Subscribe and Save Program where we have products we regularly use ship to us on a schedule.  It’s no fuss and requires no extra brain or computer power.  We get our items on a regular basis to our APO box and at a very nice discount.  Now, without a real reason or response from corporate, our orders are being cancelled, items are “not available” to ship to APO, and we suddenly feel like we are getting customer “no service”.  Here’s what some customers are saying and some solutions to what you can do to still get your products.

Blog Round Up #61 – Paris Heavy

My $20 Aliexpress dress with the long flowing skirt.  Not a bad fit for not trying the thing on..ahem...I could use more up top but you can't beat that price just in the material!

My $20 Aliexpress dress with the long flowing skirt. Not a bad fit for not trying the thing on.

Wow, I’ve been collecting these new blogposts since January.  High time I share some of my very favorites!  As always if you see something interesting out there that pertains to being a military wife, saving money, cool tips and tricks and traveling thru Europe (or living there), this is where I highlight other peoples’ good stuff…in my round up!

Garmisch Series: The Fabulous Mountain Fire Displays at the End of June for the Summer Solstice


This is one of my most FAVORITE events of the entire year!  This year, the mountain fires falls on 21 June for the Ehrwald, Austria area (just across the border into Austria from Garmisch).  This tradition of celebrating the Summer Solstice goes back a few hundred years to the year 1796 (yes the same year as the founding of our own United States) and is a phenomenal thing to experience.  Read on for the scoop and details!

Best Tips for Munich’s Oktoberfest

You'll feel somewhat out of place if you don't have your gear on.

You’ll feel somewhat out of place if you don’t have your gear on.

I thought I’d address visiting Munich’s Oktoberfest as it seems the closer we get to the event, the more email questions I get on it!  I’m going to preface this by saying I’m cheap.  Sure I can spend thousands on hotel rooms jacked up 10x in price, and I can also buy a seat in any of the beer tents from a third party consolidator for a pretty penny…even now, this late in the game.  When I was a tour operator, I used to stay up late to get all my table requests in, and since I was such a small player, I had to weasel my way in to get noticed amongst the big players who have been buying seats at beer tables for YEARS to decades.  Last year I got email in the few months before asking how to get a seat and where to book a hotel…well, that’s too late in the game, sorry.  But, how about I leave you with an inexpensive way to enjoy Munich’s Oktoberfest, only the largest beer festival in the world, and it doesn’t require a lot of advance planning either?  Follow along below for my tips.

A Milspouse and her Family Sails the Mediterranean (and you can too)

Yes you'll get a chance at the wheel!

Yes you’ll get a chance at the wheel!

I recently met a fellow milspouse who shared some wonderful tips on how to fulfill a lifelong dream of sailing the Mediterranean, and you don’t have to be a celebrity or rich to do it!  Julie took her family from their duty station in Germany, boarded a sailboat in the Mediterranean with her husband and two children under the age of 13 and followed the direction of their German captain, doing what he asked of them on his own personal sailboat.  How’s that for an adventure?!  Julie wanted to share how their trip panned out and said that you too can plan such a trip.  They followed the winds  to a variety of different locales and islands and saw and experienced things an average cruiser on a megaship can only dream about.  Let’s see where they went and what they did!

Volunteer Gift Ideas – Both Big and Small

Less than $3 each

Less than $3 each

Have you ever been in charge or been charged with coming up with gifts for volunteers?  Whether we’re talking about simple but ingenious little hand outs or more elaborate things that cost a little more, at some point in your military spouse career, you’re going to need a gift to give (and pay for them out of your own pocket as donated funds aren’t what they used to be).  Check out some of these great ideas both big and small!

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